Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer finish work

Cotton and Oakum are pounded into the seams under the waterline

Alexa Stern helps paint the floorboards 

Seam compound is spread into the seams ontop of the primed cotton and oakum

Screw holes are filled with fairing compound 

The new oars are brought out of their boxes and tested for fit

The rope chafe guards are pretty cool!

The old drain hole is covered

You can see here that she is holding water!  A sign that the cotton and caulking is doing its job.

The new drain plug thru hull is installed

Two fresh coats of green bottom paint are rolled on

The topsides are primed with red lead

The first coat of semi gloss white is brushed on to the topsides by Alexa Stern

Here she is on the trailer with one more coat of topsides paint to go!