Friday, February 17, 2012

Week 8-9 Pictures

Some pictures of Surf Boats in action at Camp Viking circa 1960s

The top of the centerboard box is removed to better assess the condition of the centerboard box

The vertical pieces of the box were thoroughly rotten

A couple keel bolts are pounded out.

Lots of corrosion! 90% of them were broken in half.

The centerboard box is removed.

Barrett Snow jumps in to do the dirty work.

Within minutes, it is out of the boat.

Here are some old floors that were removed

The old floors are used as patterns on new oak.

And glued up overnight.

Here are five new floors cut and fit to shape

And brought back to the shop to get sealed in epoxy

I made a special jig to increase the oar lock shaft back to its original diameter so we can have more cast.

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