Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Photos - Winter 2013

The Surf Boat spent most of the winter like this...

But was moved into Rick Kotolac's shop for two weeks in February.  Here the topsides have been sanded

Another coat of semi gloss white was applied to the topsides and the rudder primed

After the ice crud was cleaned out of the interior, I was able to apply the first coat of Beetle Grey

The interior 3/4 of the way painted

And all the way painted

While the paint dried, I took some time to work on the centerboard.  Here you see the bronze bushing we are using as a hinge point

The bronze bushing

A view of the bronze centerboard that local Ron Shepard made for us

Here is the centerboard bolt in place with washers and O-ring gaskets 

The interior was sanded once more and a 2nd coat of grey applied.  Then the sole beams were installed

Another coat of white was put on the topsides

And the floorboards are installed

And here she sits once more, awaiting warmer weather 

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Unknown said...

This is just fantastic!! What a
thorough and beautiful job!! Way
to go Connor!!xsandi and alfie