Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Week 9-10

Old keel bolts are removed and the old holes are filled with dowels and thickened epoxy

The view from the bottom

All the keel bolt holes filled in

With the nice weather over the last two weeks, I was able to begin priming the floorboards

The hood ends are repaired and re fastened

Rudder repairs are underway. Here, two dowels are glued into the broken off piece

And here the broken piece is glued back onto the rudder.

The rudder is scraped and sanded.

The tiller is sanded and sealed

Here is a new cap rail section with the female oar lock fitting chiseled out

Here is the cap rail repair installed.

John Stanton and Shouldered Oar Films comes by the shop to interview Captain Connor for their documentary film.

New pine sole beams are cut to fit.

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