Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Week 9-10

With the old keel bolts removed from the boat, I was able to glue 1/2 inch dowels into the old holes with thickened epoxy. The idea here is that this will seal the old holes and allow for a cleaner/fresher installation of the new bolts.

As the weather cleared and warmed up to the mid 50's, I brought some of the floorboards outside and began to get some red lead primer on them. While I waited for these to dry, I finished the fwd and aft hood end repairs by refastening the planks into the new frames I made. They sucked in nicely.

A big repair that is now complete was re attaching a broken off piece of the rudder. I glued in two 6 inch dowels into the broken piece, allowing 3 inches for both sections. When the glued dried, I was able to clamp and glue the broken piece onto the rudder. This was then sanded, faired with fairing compound, and sanded again. The tiller was also sanded and sealed in a thin coat of epoxy.

As well as these repairs, I was able to finish cutting and installing the cap rail section aft on the Port side. This came out nicely and the oar lock is ready to go back in. Work was also started on the new pine sole beams while I wait for a mis order of mahogany to come in for the keelson. The rest of the sole beams will have to wait for the keelson to get installed, which should be next week.

In other news, the crew from Shouldered Oar Films came by to do some filming of the Surf Boat project and interview me for their upcoming documentary film on everything wooden boats. You can check out their most recent trailer for the film here.

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