Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week 11-12 Photos

Our 12 new bronze oar locks arrived this week

While waiting for mahogany to arrive, I was able to cut the keel bolts from threaded rod stock

The mahogany finally arrives!

After building and fitting a pattern and using it with the piece taken out of the boat, I was able to trace a fairly accurate line on the wood.

Alfie helps me scribe the pattern

The STBD piece is fitted in place

Both pieces here are dry fit

They are then taken back to the shop to have the keel bolt holes drilled

Back in the boat, the new keel bolts are put in place

The recovered top pieces for the centerboard trunk are glued back together with wooden dowels in place to give it some strength.

The area under the keel and inside the CB trunk are primed with red lead paint and keel bolts set in the keel with thickened epoxy

The threads are left long but chopped off flush later

Here is a wide angle view of the new keelson in place.

The two recovered halfs of the centerboard trunk are dry fitted into place

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