Saturday, April 21, 2012

Week 13-14

Gluing up the rest of the centerboard box with epoxy and bedding compound

One side complete with clamps keeping pressure while the glue sets off

The port side gluing up with most of the new sole beams in place

Once the beams were finished, I brought int he floorboards to make sure everything fit.  A little tweaking was needed here and there, but overall it looks pretty good.

Floorboards and beams removed for painting.

I moved the boat out of our shop after getting an extra week to work inside

1 coat of red lead paint below the sheer clamp

A little cleat is added to the top of the centerboard trunk and another to support the new oak thwart.

Here is the new thwart prepped and ready for primer

beams and thwarts getting a coat of red lead primer

The surfboat is launched at high tide with the help of Alfie Sanford on the motor boat

She is floated away from the trailer

And towed over to the yacht club

Where she sat for seven days swelling up

After a week, I hip towed her back to the launch ramp noticing how nicely the planks had swelled!

At the ramp at childrens beach.  She is a little lower in the water after a week.

Here you can noticed how tight the planks seem.

Pasquel offers his help in hauling her out

and in rigging four bilge pumps 

Ready for cotton and caulking!

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