Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 5

This week was spent focusing on the broken frame repairs and cleaning up the floorboards. We've decided to sister the frames that are most seriously needed repair and choosing to neglect those that dont pose an immediate threat. There are 12 frames out of the 16 I had originally said need to be repaired that I will focus on this and next week.

A pattern is made out of 1/4 plywood to the shape of the hull next to the frame in question. This pattern is transferred to a beautiful piece of white oak and cut out on the jig saw. After a few fits here and a few cuts there, the new sister begins to take shape. Some of the more baldly broken frames will require two sisters. You can see a couple of these in the photos.

While waiting for some oak to arrive from Boston, I got busy cleaning up the old floorboards that Eric Holch had removed prior to my arrival on this project. Most of them are pretty badly weathered, but once scraped and sanded down, they dont look too bad. There are a lot of parts and pieces that go with them, and some of these smaller pieces, such as the adjustable foot rest brackets (we're not sure these are original) will need to be replaced.

As a small side project, I began inspecting and cleaning up the seams around the hood ends that are popping out as well as the broken plank section on the STBD side. There is one hood end AFT on the STBD side that is going to require quite a bit of pressure to get back in place, and I think a wedge will need to be driven in to hold it in place while new screws set in epoxy. As for the broken plank, I should begin work on cutting out the broken piece either next week or the week after. Stay tuned.

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