Friday, January 27, 2012

week 6-7 pictures

New Spar and Sail plans

Removing part of the old floor member to access the rusty keel bolt.

The old floor is gone with the remaining keel bolts in place.

The old, very rust worn, keel bolt.

Marking the keelson.

Using a Japanese saw, the aft 3.5' of the keelson is cut out, with it come 4 keel bolts all broken.

The Mahogany keelson.

The space where the keelson attaches to the horn timber all cleaned out and the old keel bolts removed.

A new floor is made and cut to fit.

Some epoxy repair on the STBD side hood ends.

Some areas noted here where there was fastener failure. Another 100 new Bronze #12's were put in the boat over the last two weeks!

Pasquel stops by to help reef out the old cotton and caulking (in most cases 5200!) under the water line. Some of the exposed seams are very wide.

The new Sitka Spruce mast and gaff boom that Eric found at Beetle, Inc. on the cape.

Three new backing blocks are made and installed. The final frame station is finished in the background.

Some epoxy cap rail repairs.

And some wooden cap rail repairs.

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